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Default [260.19.12 9600M GT regression] Adaptive scaling/speed issues in fedora 14

I mentioned this issue in another thread yesterday. Since upgrading to Fedora 14 while using the nvidia driver (installed from the script downloaded from nvidia's site), the performance level is clearly not scaling properly. This can be observed using nvidia-settings. The perf lvl will drop to the lowest setting and in most cases not scale back up. Opening an opengl app kicks the perf lvl to max.

When the perf lvl is at its minimum, most 2d operations are really slow. For example, opening gnomes preferences menu, the highlighting of the currently hovered item lags behind the mouse and 100% of one core is consumed until it is drawn. Rendering in firefox is also extremely slow and cpu intensive. Setting the perf lvl to maximum (ie. disabling scaling) makes most things fast again.

I have only seen this since xserver 1.9 in fedora 14. I tried the previous official driver and saw no improvement. I've also observed some rendering errors (such as progress bars using the default Clearlooks theme) that make me think there is likely a regression that is causing a software fallback in the xserver. I don't see these errors (rendering or speed issues) using nouveau (for what its worth....but it sucks battery as well).
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