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Default Re: Resolutions above 8192x8192 spanning multiple cards

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
A better/less deformed screen capture using google earth (again, had to use gimp):
Very nice!

Originally Posted by Xevious View Post
It had no problems working. On the world view that screenshot was taken I got like 3 FPS though.. t it seemed like google earth wasn't giving me a very high quality image (not rendering the textures at a high enough resolution for my zoom level... quite annoying. I don't remember the old version being like that.
I don't think this is version related - I have same situation on my 5040x2100 setup.
When limiting the the window size to 1680x1050, then the GE resolution looks fine.

Anyway, interestingly this demonstration clearly breaks the documented 8192 pixel limit.


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