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Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Beat this already.. Seems much shorter than the first one, but that could be because I had such a hard time before and had to keep redoing things over and over. The menus/interface are so much better. I don't know why they couldn't do something like that for the first game. The graphics and voice acting are about the same (good). The girl sounds the same but looks totally different. Dunno why Starkiller's always screaming. :O Boss battles (and the game in general) were more manageable for me but they seemed to go on longer... I never thought the fight with the Gorak or whatever would ever end. At least there were lots of checkpoints during those.

I was less frustrated by part two, but I think I actually enjoyed the first one a bit more. There were more characters, enemies, and areas, more variation.. I really didn't find the maps in this one all that interesting. The first game had more of a wow factor for me in that regard. One part I had high hopes for was:

Dagobah. Instead all you get are a handful of crystals in one small area and a cutscene in the cave. They didn't have to have monsters and boss fights, but I think they really could have expanded the world quite a bit and scattered those crystals around. Maybe when you pick one up you get a vision from your past or things in the future. Make it a bit of a challenge to reach some with tough double jump+dash, trying to hide some better, etc. Oh well.

I liked how you could manage the lightsaber colors and power crystals separately in the first game. It didn't change anything, but I enjoyed switching colors every once in a while. I found at least one of every crystal, some twice (for both sabers), but I had a hard time figuring out which I should use... I think I mostly stuck with regeneration and defense in the last half of the game even though some of the others sounded like they'd be cool. There's one that turned the lightsaber dark grey or black. Looked weird.. I wish there were more that always did electrical/other damage and not just a chance of it. One thing I didn't miss from part one at all was the insane amount of combos.

Better and worse I guess...
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