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Default Re: Random BSODs: Canīt find the reason!

Hi Leon,

Looks like you have a general stability issue as the log file is showing issues with quite a few different drivers etc.

More suggestions:

1. Do you have anything overclocked? If so, try running at stock to see if that helps.

2. Check voltages are as expected by the components you have installed. e.g. make sure RAM, CPU and NB are running at correct volts. If it is a self-build machine, it's easy to miss something like this and the result could be instability.

3. Make sure the PSU is up to the job. What PSU do you have?

4. Try running some stability tests such as Memtest86 ( to make sure your PC is generally stable. I suggest Memtest as this does not use any SATA drives. If you have stability issues and are thrashing a hard drive, you could end up corrupting it, so better to make sure the system is generally stable first.

Hope some of that helps. Good luck!
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