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Default Someone uploading something onto my PC

An interesting occurence -

with all apps closed,

even with an internet lock by zone alarm.

Of course if I disconnect the cable it doesn't occur so it is not incorrect.

Between 1-4 kbps

It is using services and controler app it seems.

How do I know? I use bandwidth monitor., and the network status numbers are steadily showing something is happening like I received more than 6000 packets since I restarted...

Adaware was run so the comp is meant to be clear of that crap.

Antivirus runs everyday and I keep it automatically updated.

What is it?

Could it only be MS updating the windows? I doubt it though I'd expect them to use all the bandwidth as all is available at teh moment...

Any idea on how to figure out what it is... btw I have a router with NAT firewall too...

It's a Win 2000, D-Link router, Zonealerm, and AVG antivirus...

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