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Default Re: Anyone get a Kinect?

Well I showed my wife some videos of it this morning and then she wanted one.
I looked online and of course it is out of stock everywhere. I decided to call a few Gamestops and they say they don't have any and it may be a month or more before they get any. We were going to the movies this morning at the mall so I decided to call the Gamestop at the mall and holy crap they actually had 2 for sale still. I told him to hold one and we would be right over.
We snagged it along with Kinectamals (mainly for my grand daughters but my wife wanted it too), and Uncaged Fighters.

The Kinect itself works pretty well but the thing I don't like or wish was different is that you can't navigate the whole XBOX menu system (to be fair I looked back at the videos of it and yea it doesn't show anyone doing that so my fault). You can go to the Kinect Hub then you are able to navigate by voice or hand. There are limited things you can do inside the Kinect Hub and Netflix isn't there which bugs me as I wanted that so we could watch Netflix without using the controller. I did look back at some videos on the XBOX showing the Kinect in action and they showed Netflix in the Kinect Hub Maybe it will get an update or something. The voice recognition works well and the body movement seems to work pretty well too. We had a little trouble with it recognizing who we were but once we turned on more light in the room it got better, still not perfect though.

It came with an Adventure game and it is actually pretty fun and responsive. It was funny as hell that it took pics of you while playing the games then shows you the pics at the end and saves them so you can upload them or look at them some other time. I am going to threaten my wife to post them to Facebook. After playing it a bit it then said there was an update and made me download it, no idea what the download was.

The Kinectamals game was cute as hell and I know my grand daughters will love it. You even get to steer a little remote control car (which was pretty hard steering it I have to say) and ram your pet Lots of things to do with the animal you choose and you even pet it and clean it. My wife was hilarious talking to the damn thing and moving her hands like she was really petting it.

The fighting game wore my ass out! I was fighting those creeps like Oprah fights her way to the front of the line at Popeyes. It seemed not to be quite as responsive I guess from me moving quick like Chuck Norris or something but I would throw a punch then kick and a lot of times it wouldn't register the second move if I did it too quick after the first one.

Messed with Video Kinect a bit and connected to someone that doesn't own a Kinect. He sid he saw and heard me (he didn't have his mic hooked up). In the preview window of yourself the video isn't the smoothest and you get ghost effect which in the videos of Kinect they have shown they didn't show any evidence of that so kinda disappointed.

Anyways that's my review after spending a few hours with it. I think it is definately better than the crappy Wii we used to have.
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