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Default Re: Your system is too SLOW to play this!

Originally Posted by thecapsaicinkid View Post
Silly question time, how come the cpu is sitting around twiddling its thumbs while the gpu is choking on 1080p60?
At least on pre-Fermi GPU's, the limit for H264 is approximately 1080@50 (probably depending on the bit-rate).
Just tried the 'killa birds sampler' h.264 and that runs fine at 1080p 50fps (supposedly 100mbps+)
It works fine for me, but I believe it shows significantly less than 50 frames per seconds.
Do you have any idea why Sync to VBlank is killing my performance for 60fps video?
I already tried to explain to you that the primary reasons for your problems are 1) you try to play 60Hz content on a 50Hz screen and 2) MPlayer does not support automatic framedrop in this case, you have to manually activate it (in which case your use-case works fine for me).

Carl Eugen

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