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Post Major Graphics Improvements in Unigine

Fans of rendering engine Unigine has a whole new world of bells and whistles to check out thanks to some pretty significant improvements in the newest version. Just check out the first few entries in the very long list of features:
  • Completely new vegetation system: trunk bending, rotation of billboard leaves, spatial noise for randomized movement of vegetation.
  • Added the motion blur postprocess (takes into the account both the camera velocity and velocities of physical bodies).
  • Added indirect occlusion (SSDO) to simulate real-time global illumination.
  • Complete shaders refactoring (all texture samplers were shifted).
  • Unified LOD system for all objects, parameters are in surface settings (visible and fade distances are removed from objects).
  • Smooth transition between LODs for all meshes, 3D GUI objects and billboards basing on the screen space noise. Leaves use fading based on the to alpha test scale.
That's just the start. Keep reading and you'll see info about the new sRGB support, 24-bit Depth Buffers, and support for OpenCL1.1 . And the images they show are simply jaw-droppingly good.

via Development Log | Unigine (3D engine for games and real-time virtual worlds).

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