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Lightbulb The Ideal Review...

I know Mike discussed this a bit earlier...but I think it still deserves osme attention...

What qualities does the ideal review have?

IE: What games do you want to see and what resolutions? Do you want/need samples of each combo of FSAA and Aniso or are the min and max enough?

Following Mike's lead, I have compiled my first review based upon "real" gaming instead of some pre-determined and structured demo. Using FRAPS, I would make my way to a certain point in the game, measuring fps along the way. Granted, each test will not be exactly the same as the other...However, I feel this method is the most accurate portrayal of how the card reacts in a real-world environment.

I neglected to include any resolution below 1024x768 as I feel the past few generations of video cards are powerful enough to power higher resolutions on nearly any system.

The inclusion of 1024x768 was also important because it represents the typical resolution of 15" and some 17" LCD monitors. With the growing popularity of these monitors, we have to consider them when writing reviews...

Well....I'm expecting some thorough responses...don't let me down!
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