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This is sooo weird - OK maybe it's simple, someone help please

For the purposes below I will split the story into
"main PC" - the one that I usually use, that can now access the internet - on Win2000
"two others" - cannot access the internet from the same router - Win2000 and WinXP on them

1. my home network/router worked fine until 2 days ago
2. internet access stopped
3. I figured it was the router so I just unplugged it , plugged it back after a 1minute+ wait, and everything was on and fine
4. not quite everything, everything on my main PC at least for internet access, however as it seems today the two other PC's on the network cannot access the net anymore
5. those two PC's can see each other over the router, however none of them can see the "main" PC that is plugged in the same router but can access the interet (unlike those two)
6. the IP addresses on all PC's are setup on automatic, and as such the connection was working on all until a couple days ago
7. the IP address on the main PC is in range as is the Gateway
8. I have 3 different working installation s of Win 2K in different partitions on the main PC and they all pick up this weird IP address up and connect to the net with the same settings.
9. I couldn't replicate the correct settings manually on the main PC to connect to the net
10. The "supposedly normal" address for the router to access its control panel trough IE - DOES NOT WORK; nor does the new "gateway" IP address
11. The Router RESET button does NOT reset it to standard factory defaults anymore (keept the button pressed for longer than 10 seconds)

12. SOMETHING SLOWLY BUT CONSTANTLY UPLOADS ON THE MAIN COMPUTER the upload is been going on for at least 4hours @ 1-4 kbps...

13.Immediatly when I plug in the network cable in -the upload just resumes, it doesn't respond to internet lock in ZoneAlarm... just plugging out the network cable works

14.Setting the same IP address, gateway, DNS servers on the other Win2K machine DOES not let me to the net on that machine.

Nothing uploads on the "other two" PC's thankfully.

What else?

IT IS FREAKING ME OUT maybe its nothing special, but ~

What am I being super hacked, going trough the NAT firewall on the router and ignoring Zone Alarm?

Can I check what is being uploaded on my PC, is there some utility that can check for change in filesize...

and is there a way to figure out the mysterious new IP from the router

I hope this PC will still be running when I wake up in the morning

--- morning here, everything still on and this slow upload continues...

did I mention that I have all windows updates available.

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