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Post Nvidia at PDXLAN: GTX580, Vapor Chambers, and Call of Duty

NVidia is a few years late to the party, but at last week's PDXLAN event announced that the upcoming GTX580 would come complete with Vapor Chamber Cooling technology, guaranteed to keep the card cooler and quieter under load.
The cooler is quite interesting this time as Nvidia decided to go for Vapor chamber cooling technology and made some quite bold claims regarding the noise output of the upcoming card. The cooler itself is pretty simple, at least if you had a chance to see one of the vapor chamber based coolers, as Sapphire did that a couple of times on its AMD based card

AMD did this a few years back, and other technology has played around with it. Hopefully it'll stick around for NVidia.

Also, they demonstrated the new card playing the upcoming 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' game, with impressive results.

via Nvidia shows some details on Cooling chamber on Upcoming Card Plus Video of Black Ops ' AnandTech Forums.

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