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Default Re: Newly installed 96.43.19 driver won't work

Originally Posted by luk1don View Post
Your nvidia-bug-report isn't complete. There are some informations, but search how to make properly log.
Maybe too many combinations in your xorg.conf, Xorg -configure,... Please remove your xorg.conf and reinstall NVIDIA driver, then generate it again with:
sudo nvidia-xconfig
I already did that with both 96.43.18 & 19 and I just did it again as you requested in case I made any inadvertent mistakes, the problem persisted.

To generate nvidia-bug-report I used It was successful and I didn't expect any errors in the report since the installation went smoothly and without any errors either. I will "startx --logverbose 6" and try running the shell script next time to get as much info as possible and post them.

Attached are the new files, If you have experience with nVidia drivers, I suggest you look in the new-xorg.0.log file. It has errors at the end which explains why I am having intermittent lock ups. Keep in mind that, when I totally remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, I don't experience any lock ups, performance is pretty good, but don't have 3D acceleration either. I am not sure what driver is getting loaded and being used and when I run "Google Earth", it can't determine the graphics driver either.


Edited: I did the "startx -- -logverbose6" and the results in nvidia-bug-report.log were the same as before. See new file at end of attachment list.
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