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Default Re: Official Call of Duty Black Ops Feedback Thread

It runs really smooth for me with the only lag coming from the steam connect...I'm sure that the minor bugs will be sorted for everyone else though, just wish Treyarch had gone for public hosted dedicated servers and left steam out of the equation.

Heres some of the console tweaks i used in mp to gain a few extra fps and make things a little clearer...

r_distortion 0
cg_brass 0
cg_drawfps 1
cl_maxpackets 100
com_maxfps 125
snaps 30
r_dof_enable 0
r_fastskin 1
r_glow_allowed 0
r_specular 0

Theres quite a few more cvars that could be changed but im not sure if they are VAC protected or not, will wait till someone else tries them first.....
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