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Default Re: goup policy and shared folder

Well, it depends DOC. There are a couple ways.

Things are easier if you're running Vista or W7. With XP, you should be running SP3 with the Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions update installed (WSUS or manually) on each machine. This will allow you to use Group Policy preferences which makes this much easier. Just make sure that you create the policy from a Vista/W7/W2k8/W2k8R2 machine so that you can see the new Preferences section in the GPO.

Then all you have to do is link an OU to the top level of whatever OU you use to store users and implement the following:

User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Drive Maps

I always use the Replace action because it is more consistant. Here you can set the Drive letter as a static entry, or - which is REALLY COOL - you can have it use the first available letter starting at whatever you want. The "first available feature" is not what you need this time, but its a cool tool to have. You'll use the static entry and it should work like a charm.

The second option is a bit more static, but is effective across machines that don't have the client side update I mentioned earlier. All you have to do is....

User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts > Logon

And then just make a simple batch script like this:

net use h: /delete /yes
net use h: \\Server\share /yes

If you store it in \\localdomain.domain.whatever\sysvol\localdomain.d omain.whatever\Policies\(Sid of policy you just created\User\Scripts... then you can just specify it by the file name in the GPO AND you know that everyone it applies to will have access to the script. OR you could just store it in the sysvol\scripts folder if you prefer, but I like that for scripts that I use for individual account logons.

If you need specifics for your domain, let me know.
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