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Default Re: Newly installed 96.43.19 driver won't work

Originally Posted by luk1don View Post
You should have the file: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz in your home folder.
Show output of "dmesg" command else.
(96.43.18 is incompatible with server 1.9)
To many errors, but like X-es does not start on nvidia this may be the KMS and a framebuffer problem. Try to add options to kernel line like:
vga=791 (supported framebuffer of course)
Option: nomodeset too.Wait for NVIDIA, probably this is a xorg 1.9 bug but with KMS of intel, nouveau, radeon - disable KMS in kernel (nomodeset).

I have this warning too, but everything works.

This may be a hardware problem, e.g. with the radiator but gart is initializing.
I posted nvidia-bug-report.log already and nothing in it even with -logverbose 6 option.

Attached is the output of "dmesg"

I tried all option, individually and combined, but none made a difference.

Yes, it could be bug(s) some where and I was hoping nVidia could locate them.

We never know, but I doubt it is a hardware problem since I don't experience any when /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is removed.

Thanks for your efforts in trying to help.
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