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Originally posted by Line01
Yep Taz the non ultra one with 400/850 core and clock
Well... clock speed of the cards (between an ATi and an nVidia card) has little to do with it. When it comes to DX 9 stuff... an ATi card doesn't need as much clock, to beat nVidia. I understand you were specifiying the clockspeed of yer 5900 Non-Ultra, for clarity... just making sure you weren't getting hung up on a comparison of clocks between ATi and nVidia.

ATi has 8x1 pipes and FP 24 (The DX 9 standard).
nVidia has 4x2 pipes and FP 16 / 32 (Combo that don't work as well).

While your card may keep up / possibly spank a 9800 Pro in certain DX 8 applications and certain OpenGL applications... it'll get stomped "by default" on DX 9 applications (Unless the game was optimized for nVidia, or nvidia optimized their drivers for a paticular game).

Hence why a 5900 Non-Ultra is $220 and a 9800 Pro is $300.

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