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Unhappy Please help me to fix problem with GT 240

I'm sorry I can't speak english as well

I use GT 240 and play modern warfare 2, I run it in windows xp and use CRT monitor, the game run very well in 1024x768 resolution

next week after that, I buy LCD monitor (LG). so I change the resolution to 1280. but the game change to minimize mode and I see error message, I remember in that message it say "dirextX".

I close the game and open it again, it can run but the detail not like before

because of that, I change my OS to windows 7. oh no, there are same problem, maybe my GPU error or just the driver??

see this:
since I change the resolution and use LCD, the game can run but not detail in teks

I zoom it

the right like this, white teks with green border

what must I do? someone told me to update the driver, but i think, the error must be clear after I change my OS (windows 7) but the problem still appeared, what must I do now?
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