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Default Re: How to delete a specific refresh rate from xrandr?

No problem, mode creation is all a bit confusing I find.

Some useful links for anyone else struggling with modes;

How X generates its modepool

How to ensure your system is picking the correct modes/refresh rate

Also, this snippet is quite important (xrandr 'lies' about available refresh rates)

Option "DynamicTwinView" "boolean"

    Enable or disable support for dynamically configuring TwinView on this X screen. When DynamicTwinView is enabled (the default), the refresh rate of a mode (reported through XF86VidMode or XRandR) does not correctly report the refresh rate, but instead is a unique number such that each MetaMode has a different value. This is to guarantee that MetaModes can be uniquely identified by XRandR.

    When DynamicTwinView is disabled, the refresh rate reported through XRandR will be accurate, but NV-CONTROL clients such as nvidia-settings will not be able to dynamically manipulate the X screen's MetaModes. TwinView can still be configured from the X config file when DynamicTwinView is disabled.

    Default: DynamicTwinView is enabled.
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