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Default Re: Anyone get a Kinect?

I moved the speaker off of the top of our tv and centered the Kinect up on top then reran the calibration. It seems to have gotten a little better at movement detection.
Also I have ran through the kinect profile detection (I forget the name of it but it is where it detects individuals) a few more times for myself and it is pretty good at detecting me as long as there is enough light (we usually don't have much light in the room). It still is having some problem recognzing my wife so maybe she needs to run through the profile detection a few more times. It even says to do it a few times at different times of day, because of the lighting, to help it work better.
When my grand daughters were over the 5 year old tried to go through the detection and it wouldn't recognize her at the end. She got frustrated and gave up. It still lets you play the games it just says it doesn't recognize who it is.
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