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Default Re: There is no reason not to better support Ubuntu

I dont know what planet are you from. Nvidia has the best drivers to date. I use Ubuntu since 7.10 (and until 9.10) and never had problems with nvidia cards (i use only nvidia cards in all my computers).
But i use the nvidia provided installation script i never relied on the activate driver stuff that sometimes worked sometimes not.

Now i use Debian and had no problems (0 gdm crashes, 0 black screen on startup, the overall system stability is better even than in Windows).

And if you take a bit of your time and look around, you will see that nvidia suports the latest prerelease x server with all 3 tiers of its drivers. No other driver can come close to its performance/stability (fglrx is gaining but inches as a snail). Dont even mention the OSS drivers as far as performance and stability is concerned.
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