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Default Re: There is no reason not to better support Ubuntu

Originally Posted by gradinaruvasile View Post
I dont know what planet are you from. Nvidia has the best drivers to date. I use Ubuntu since 7.10 (and until 9.10) and never had problems with nvidia cards (i use only nvidia cards in all my computers).
But i use the nvidia provided installation script i never relied on the activate driver stuff that sometimes worked sometimes not.

Now i use Debian and had no problems (0 gdm crashes, 0 black screen on startup, the overall system stability is better even than in Windows).

And if you take a bit of your time and look around, you will see that nvidia suports the latest prerelease x server with all 3 tiers of its drivers. No other driver can come close to its performance/stability (fglrx is gaining but inches as a snail). Dont even mention the OSS drivers as far as performance and stability is concerned.
I know that Nvidia supports Linux better than others, but the problem is that Linux is evolving and that Nvidia is unable or unwilling to support developments such kms or the next graphics server in phase of development (Wayland). For these reasons I think that Nvidia is not doing enough and that Linux users should expect more. Linux can not wait for the development time required for drivers that need extremely difficult methods such as reverse engineering. We need more attention.
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