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Default Re: There is no reason not to better support Ubuntu

It would be beneficial for all distributions of Linux if Nvidia where to open source their drivers - or at the very least... how about some cooperation with open source development? The current status quo is to develop the Nouveau driver - a replacement to Nvidia's driver.

Don't get me wrong... I just purchased a new laptop, and I made sure it had an Nvidia GPU. But I can see that changing over the next couple of years. ATI has already made a dedicated effort to working with open source developers. IMHO, that's a result of ATI recognizing the market potential in Linux. For Nvidia to overlook that is... well, plain stupid.

I think the point of this thread is to say... if you're not going to actively support new features such as KMS and whatever may be coming down the pipe - then help the people that are willing to develop it.
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