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Default nforce2 mb and gentoo

Hi, I am a newbie in the world of linux.
I have a leadtek MB nforce2 with the GPU integrated.

I have installed GENTOO with the kernel 2.4.20 in my machine.
I emerged :
I added the nvidia to the module.autoloadfile
Restarted the machine rebooted and then when I started XFREE with startx the screen went totally crazy with a bunch of weird characters and no way to do anything
So I decided to download the lastest drivers from the nvidia site, try to install it but no way to do so.
Problem finding I do not remember what. Basically it could not compile new kernels for my machine
So I read the doc and after I ran
sh --add-this-kernel
So it recompiled everything and created a new file and the installation went successfully
But after a restart, same problem

So could anyone help me pretty please and tell me exactly what to do, so I can go to the next step and install KDE.
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