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Default FreeBSD 5.1 + Nvidia Drivers + startx = LOCKUP

I recently installed FreeBSD 5.1 on a new box. cvsup'd everything to latest and greatest. Installed the latest nvidia drivers with make setup. Fixed up my XFree86Config file as directed by the README file. Then attempted to jump into Gnome 2.4 with startx.... Locksup every time.

Here is my box configuration

intel 875 mb
2X512 ram
p4 2.4 800mhz
geforceFX 5600 256mb by apollo
creative live 5.1
using ide channel, not SATA for single hard drive
burner, floppy, etc
Sony CPD-G520 21in monitor

everything works fine except nvidia drivers and desktop.

I can do a fresh install of 5.1
then install gnome
use the default nv driver and everything works fine.

but when i install the nvidia driver it locksup.

i have tried a virtual cornicopia of different configurations, and nothing changes. once i install the nvidia drivers from their site, it locksup right after startx. it automatically reboots about 10 seconds after lockup too.

I have tried using the different agp's with option 0,1,2 and no difference.

i have tried disabling different fonts, no difference.

I had this exact same setup, with ti4200, and drivers from about 2 months ago work flawlessly. But these new drivers have never worked.

I tried swapping out the vid card to a ti4600, same deal. the old ti4200, same deal.

When i install, the only things i am doing now is
1. tar xzfv NV*
2. cd to the directory
3. make setup
3. open XF86Config and change nv to nvidia
4. also change the modules to look exactly as in the readme.
5. exit the file
6. startx

here is what XF86Config modules section looks like

Load "bitmap"
Load "extmod"
Load "dbe"
Load "type1"
Load "glx"
Load "freetype"
Load "speedo"

my vid device section looks like this

Section "Device"
Identifier "NV256"
Driver "nvidia"
#VideoRam 262144

i have left the vid mem # out. This shouldnt make a difference since i have also tried this configuration with a 126mb card and same problem.

I dont understand why the drivers would work so well before, and now these ones do not work at all.

My box is fairly standard hardware. nothing fancy or exotic. everything is mainstream. everything else works fine.

okey, i have tried everything i can think of in the last 2 weeks. If anyone else is having similar issues or has any ideas what i could try, please feel free to offer suggestions.

also, im not an advanced user, pretty much a newb. been usin freebsd for about 6 months off and on. When the box crashes after startx, it reboots. when it reboots, any files i had worked on right before the crash are wiped out, they are still there but they are blank now. Is there a way to force freebsd to write everything it has open to drive before i try startx. i have a feeling all these crashes are having a detrimental effect on things. and i hate to have to reinstall, cvsup, everything after each attempt. okey, thanks again

Robert Hish
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