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Default Re: GTX 580 EndlessCity demo on GTX 480

Originally Posted by jlippo View Post
It was camera footage, what did you expect?

It's the same demo.
Sadly the art in the demo is quite bad and the fact that everything is shiny makes it look even worse.

If they would have made it look more natural the feel would have been a lot better.
Pretty much this. DX11 is DX11... both cards support it fully and so one card would look exactly like the other. there is nothing special in endless city for the 580.

It is a descent demo, it really shows off how you can make tessellation do pretty much anything. Tess elation makes up all the artistic nature and features of the buildings, everything else is a flat polygon.

Alas when you get it up close and high res, you find that the demo isn't exactly a tour de force, texture resolutions are iffy, and alot of features are just repeated over and over from one building to the next.

But thats what most tech demos are. Its a small time project designed to show off specific abilities of the video card with no where near the number of people nore the budget of todays games.

The 2 most impressive demo's I have seen lately is Heaven and Epic Citadel. Why are they so awesome? Heaven was created to show off and sell a companies 3d engine, and epic citadel was not only to show off epics iOS 3d engine (which they sell), but it is using the art from a game they plan to release soon on the iOS platform.
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