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Default Re: nvidia and the wayland display server

I trust nvidia more than I trust canonical. Canonical only does this for publicity otherwise perhaps Canonical can write their own nvidia display drivers, no? And it's not like Canonical will even contribute to open source software other than their propaganda that every computer in the world runs Ubuntu.
I reported a bug in gnome bugzilla once from another distribution then some ubuntu dev replies and thanks me for reporting the bug and trying to make ubuntu better. No where in the report did it say I ran ubuntu.
This sort of thing has been discussed so many times and every time the sane conclusion is please let nvidia do their work instead of asking why don't you support x and y.
Same thing with Wayland, Canonical is trying to get their noses in something someone from another distribution is developing instead of engineering their own solutions and now nvidia needs to automatically support it??
I've been running Linux for over 15 years and I've learned we need to let things naturally happen instead of posting stuff like you'll need to support wayland because big vendors x and y want it.
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