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Default Re: 260.19.12 black screen on GTX 465, Ubuntu 10.04 64

The "black screen freeze" or freeze with artifacts upon login/driver load with the 400 series, especially evga cards, is well known for windows users. and forums are flooding with threads about it. Your card is most likely defect and need to be RMA'd. I have the same problem with 2 different evga gtx470 cards on both windows 7 and arch linux. Most of the people with this problem have an ASUS MB. Some say increasing the NB voltage a bit helps with stability as these cards are stressing the northbridge a lot but i can't confirm that. I get the freeze every 5-10 restarts, its totally random and happens on both OS. I will get rid of the 400 series asap, my old 285 works perfectly fine in the same system.

My system is kinda similar to yours, ASUS MB and AMD CPU.
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