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Default Re: Please help me to fix problem with GT 240

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
I would discount GPU error immediately. The problem (I still cannot understand what it is) may be related to the software or driver / or a combination of both.

We would need more details buddy to really help you out? What is the problem? Do have problems playing the game? Or just the text? Does the game DX9 and DX10 or DX11 mode? Maybe you floating around versions of the game and each dx version does text differently?

What driver versions are you using by the way?
the problem is since I use LCD and change the resolution to 1280, my game not like before, text in game (see the pictures) blur and not like before

MW2 just need DX9, maybe you can help em to find DX10.1, where I can get it special for windows 7?

other game not error, just this game.

I use driver in CD packages.

any questions master? please help me
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