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Default 6200 512mb AGP Proprietary drivers cause lockups

Hi all,

I'm running the most recent version of Ubuntu and have encountered numerous lockups using the proprietary drivers, which I need to use to watch full screen flash video.

I've tried disabling a bunch of features via xorg.conf (like 2D/3D accel, Power Management, setting NvAGP to 0) all without success.

Without fail the system will lockup when starting MythTV (don't see this error with open source driver) but also seemingly randomly at other times, even when using the desktop.

System details below and error log attached.

Motherboard: GA-8VM800PMD775
CPU: Intel D34017-001, N6603D M7 (or 1)
Graphics card: inno3D Ge-Force 6200 AGP I-A6200-H4E3

Really appreciative if someone can offer some help with this.

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