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Exclamation Tessellation Hero Challenge!! Bring it!!

Inspired by a thread over at

Originally Posted by Ket View Post
Think your owning unigine heaven on extreme? Think again. This test is not for those of the faint of heart. You will prove yourself MEN though by taking this challenge.

Heres what you do:

Set tessellation to extreme, AA/AF to 8x/16x, resolution to 1680*1050
Start heaven
Before running the benchmark click "tessellation" and set Scale, Factor, and Distance all to 2.0
Run the benchmark

He who comes through this challenge with a average FPS over 30 can consider themselves a hero. Screenshots of your heroism is of course a must.


I'll start off with my initial result... GTX 580 @ 800 core, 4200 memory, a mild OC... later in the thread I have some better results:

Let's see what you got!!

EDIT: I have ninja-edited this thread a little bit to get rid of any results not fitting the criteria, except for DarthBeavis' result as he can't seem to run this at the specified resolution. So if I deleted or edited your posts, it's only a bit of housekeeping.

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