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Default Re: [260.19.0x Geforce 310M] Cannot read VAIO EDID (both with and without CustomEDID)

Originally Posted by XjCook View Post
256.53 for kernel 2.6.36 you can build with this patch:
--- kernel/nv.c 2010-10-27 04:46:28.210657572 +0000
+++ kernel/nv.c 2010-10-27 04:47:06.656657571 +0000
@@ -423,7 +423,6 @@ static struct pci_driver nv_pci_driver =
 static struct file_operations nv_fops = {
     .owner     = THIS_MODULE,
     .poll      = nv_kern_poll,
-    .ioctl     = nv_kern_ioctl,
     .unlocked_ioctl = nv_kern_unlocked_ioctl,
Btw if you don't want kernel 2.6.36 in Arch, you can add kernel26 to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf
Thanks for the patch, this will save my life (actually I am waiting for 2.6.36 since it fixes my internal mic). Besides, I know about IgnorePkg, I just do not want to leave the system behind for too long (if you use arch you know that too long almost equals to few seconds )
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