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Default Re: Lenovo T510 Quadro NVS 3100M failure ...

Originally Posted by dk75 View Post
Oh really really really... So Lenovo US don't know what laptops they selling at thier online shop?
They offer 3 T510 models - 2 with IntelHD only and one with... NV3100M Optimus

PS: OK, there is some people at hybrid-graphics-linux mailings that own T410 NVS3100M and they report that they can't load nVidia chip in INEGRATED or AUTOMATIC BIOS settings and that there is DISCRETE setting too.
So maybe, just maybe, go to BIOS and switch your GFX to DISCRETE mode.
But IIRC it won't remain. GFX BIOS settings will switch to AUTOMATIC mode after power down.
Happy BIOS switching every time you power up your laptop...
Okay, this is definitely wrong. My T410 (w/ the NVS 3100m, switchable graphics if you're using Windows) works just fine in Linux, no configuration necessary*.

*I did tweak the initial xorg.conf slightly to get the brightness setting to work - not something that's essential to the function of the device but it's nice to have working.

I'm using Arch Linux, currently driver 260.19.21 but I originally installed driver version 260.19.12 and the xorg.conf worked just fine. I didn't make any BIOS modifications or whatever.

If you post your xorg.conf file I might be able to see where it's going wrong.

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