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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
One thing they definatly did NOT fix are the completly assenine pitstops.Pitted in the lead with webber 2 seconds behind me also pitting,the lotus pitcrew changed tyres in under 5 seconds but then they just left my car there saying wait for the lollipop and after 7 seconds webber passed me in the pits but they still didn't release my car until 12.1 seconds had passed

I really don't get this game,it's very enjoyable but it keeps punishing you with idiotic **** like this when youve tried your hardest and got ahead a few seconds just for the bugs loosing the race for you.I really should stop playing it because it pisses me off to no end,had i not bought it off steam and gotten a dvd instead i think it would be laying on the street underneath my livingroom window by now
Well in real F1, the lollipop man cannot release you into on coming traffic where is might cause an accident and cars pitting in under 5 seconds is a regular thing.
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