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Default Re: [260.19.12 regression] Tool Paletter demo from gtk-demo crashes X server (F14 i68

No crash with 260.19.21 on Fedora 14 with all the latest updates running on a 2.60 P4 and a (sadly not overclocked) 7600 GS.

There were some regressions fixed between 260.19.12 and 260.19.21 that fixed some GL application crashes.

Now if we could get overclocking back, things would work well. 2D performance seems to be slightly improved (although I've not done the statistically valid test) over 256.53, but without overclocking the 260.19.21 driver and a 7600 GS card performs about the same as a 5600 LE using glxgears.

260.19.21 is about 30% slower than 177.82 on the 7600 GS. The comparison is probably not really fair, since the 177.82 driver was run on an earlier version of the X server. However, it appears that there still is a huge GL performance regression.
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