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Default Re: 260.19.12 black screen on GTX 465, Ubuntu 10.04 64

It turns out that there *was* a RAM stability issue in Windows that I didn't notice earlier (hadn't messed around in Windows much up until now. It's telling that the problems never showed up under Linux!). I increased the DRAM voltage to around 1.75 and NB voltage to around 1.20. That seemed to stop the random blue screens in Windows and any errors as reported by Memtest86+. Not so much as one problem, even after running hours of glitzy, modern FPS demos that I downloaded off of Steam; and so I've now essentially ruled out the possibility of a defective card.

As much as I would like to say that fixing the stability issue in Windows also corrected my Linux driver problem, it has not. Guess I'll be waiting around for that auspicious driver release which makes my card start working...
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