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Default Re: Can't I run 2 X servers on the one card

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
It's much more than just "grabbing video outputs"... the whole driver would need a lot of careful planning to be able to have multiple instances work reliably together, and it would require a lot of work to make it an officially supported feature. The fact that it's even allowing you to do it at all sounds like a bug.
Well, that's a bit sad really. Most modern Linux distributions provide a "switch user" option that fires up another X server. This is very useful when a single computer is used by more than one person (I'd say a very common situation).

How are people dealing with this problem? In previous versions of the driver, everything worked fine, but the latest one is crashing two of my computers at home. I'd say not being able to have more than one person use the computer is a negative selling point for nVidia.
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