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Default Re: GTX 580 + 120hz monitor + 3D vision kit

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Since I'm about to graduate from college, some members of my family have asked what I wanted as a graduation present. Since I'm fairly content with most of the stuff I have already, I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth while to upgrade to a GTX 580 on my current system. I know the 965BE isn't nearly as fast as an i7 processor, so I guess it could be a bottleneck. I'm really not sure.

The other option would be to get either 2 6870's and a set of monitors for Eyefinity, or a couple of 6950's in crossfire and maybe a few monitors for that setup. This option is obviously dependent on the cards actually being decent without huge drawbacks. I've got a crossfire enabled motherboard, but I cannot use SLI.

Budget is around $1000.

Any ideas? I'm pretty torn on this decision.

EDIT: New idea!!!!

GTX 580 + 120hz LCD monitor + Nvidia 3D kit

Please advise on what parts I should get!
First of all, I would not say a Phenom X4 at 3.8GHz is a "bottleneck" for GTX580:,24.html
However when clocked at 3.0GHz and beyond, the Phenom II X4 really picked up the pace, and in many cases was able to outclass the Core i7.
My GTX580 is on my Phenom 965 box, works well for me.

Second, on your Eyefinity idea:
Look first at the games that are compatible with Eyefinity before you consider this route, because not all games support the resolutions necessary for 3 panels:

Last, as a person with both, I'd rather have 3d Vision than 3 panel. 3D Vision is supported by 100s of games, and the effect really adds to immersion. 3 panels is very nice also, but it's what I'd give up if I had to give up one.
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