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Default Garminfone 2.1

I doubt anyone here has a Garminfone but if they do and you want to update it from 1.6 to 2.1, I found that Garmin had the 2.1 update posted for like a day then took it down.

I stumbled upon it by accident. I got on T-Mobiles forum and saw there had been an update a while back to fix some bugs and I hadn't been on the forums in a while. So I click the link, download the file and bam! I now have the long awaited 2.1 Android update. I let others know and some snagged it before Garmin took it down.
Not sure why they took it down but the phone is quite a bit faster, looks better (customizable screens now) and new features, the GPS part even has new features like if you are speeding it shows the speed limit for the road you are on but then your speed is in bold red letters
It really made a big difference with this phone. I am even thinking about trading her my Vibrant phone for her Garminfone.

Anyways if anyone needs this file I still have it on the computer, it is 307mb though.
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