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Default Re: Anyone get a Kinect?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Thanks Bob. I think I'll name my pet leopard after you in the game.
Got one two days ago. Bought Kinect Sports (blast) and your shape fitness evolved and I am so sore I didnt use kinect much today.

Your shape is a really awesome product and it will kick you ass up and down as it did mine. Scans your body and tells how tall you are, how long your arms, legs, torso etc are and it guessed my weight within 3 pounds !

I have to say my biggest gripe would be that placement of the device can be a pain. I had to move my couch back 5 feet. This thing needs more room that they say. 8 feet min and 10 feet optimal. I bought a mount to mount it on top of my set and raised it much higher that the top of set to my eye level. Would be perfect if there was a way to get sensor back about another foot at its present height.

It is a blast and I can only imagine what they will come up for it. You could sit down and play an fps and lean your head to look around corners for instance.

It has already been hacked by some pc guys and there is some open source software for picture manipulation.

Love it but still have a bit of an issue with my playspace. My wife loves it and it was her idea to by it. I was going to pass because I thought it would cause my neck problem to flair up with all that moving about but so far so good. So glad my wife is into this stuff. Playing connect sports has been a total blast. Bowling and table tennis are great. I want to keep going on about it and I really want to play it but I am sooooooo sore. Burned 225 calories in one setting and man I am so sore everywhere. This thing will get you in shape if you use it. Wii, move has nothing on this thing !
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