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Default Re: Anyone get a Kinect?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Glad you had fun with it Turdhat. Yea this thing gets me sore too.

Did you have any playspace issues. I am backing up against my couch often and really cant move it back anymore. My couch is about 9 feet from the sensor and since my tv is my main pc monitor moving back means not being able to read a lot of windows text. Already raised font size in win 7 and I have perfect vision.

Using that calibration card is another thing. Are you supposed to hold it out in front of you are against your body. I cant find an answer to that. I have to hold it flat to my body to get the last one to line up because I cant go back any further. Getting the sensor up to to eye level seems to be what most are saying works best. Now if I could just get it back about a foot. May make a trip to lowes today and look around for things I might be able to rig to this bracket to achieve the space I need. As of right now i have it rigged with the bracket and my old doom 3 retail box. Dont ask..... hehe
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