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Default Re: Favorite Black Ops loadout?

You guys are bitches. Second Chance Pro is amazing. Besides Ninja doesn't do anything and you don't need Hacker to see enemy equipment. Only real choices for Perk 3 are Marathon and Last Stand. Marathon is the **** though for a stealthy build.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
CTF is alright, but I HATE the fact that I HAVE to play it to get Marathon Pro :\.

Can't SS right now but here's my typical loadout:

Weapon: AK74U Rapid Fire + Suppressor
Secondary: Launcher

Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion
Equipment: Claymore

Perk 1: Ghost
Perk 2: Warlord Pro
Perk 3: Marathon

I have a non-sneaky alternative that I use on smaller maps:

Weapon: AK74U Rapid Fire
Secondary: Crossbow

Lethal: Frag
Tactical: Flashbang
Equipment: Claymore

Perk 1: Scavenger
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Marathon

Had pro ranks for my perks before I prestiged except for Marathon since I don't play CTF. Also have a Famas kit for larger maps.
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