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Originally posted by Malfunction
What you left out was what the actual person who is playing the game feels. If the game is playing great and looks great, they don't see a problem. Only the guy beating on the architecture and how well it does on synthetic benchmarks is. The whole reason to buy such a videocard is to enjoy the experience while gaming, not benchmarking.


No, I left nothing out. And this is not about one IHV or another. I wrote popular games, and by that I meant that if an IHV cheats the popular ones used as benchmarks then those benchmarks are worthless, because such "optimizations" and their performance increases are not carried over to the other games that constitute 90%+ of the titles published each year because these games never receive the loving care of a software engineer's attention.

I'm all about games and play from just about every genre. But if you think publishers and/or developers care about protecting their code so that they're used fairly as benchmarks, you're barking up a non-existant tree.
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