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Default Re: 260.19.21 & Dell XPS M1330: no smooth playback on 1080p

Originally Posted by Harri View Post
I tried version 260.19.21 on a Dell XPS M1330 laptop (GeForce 8400M GS). On 1280x800 my 1080p files play fine, but if I connect the laptop through HDMI to my TV with 1920x1080, then it seems to loose every other frame.
Am I correct that this is completely unrelated to the mplayer.log you posted below?

Note that MPlayer is bad at displaying videos at the exact frame-rate of the screen you are using, so if your video is 23.976 fps and the screen 23.976 (or 24) Hz, frame drops (and A/V desync if you are not using -framedrop) have to be expected.

There are at least a patch and a fork that claim to fix this problem, Carl Eugen
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