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Default Think I found the problem..

So now Iīm running windows with only 2gb of ram..
and had no more bsod.
But how is it possible that my ram is running at 32bit without problems, and in 64 bit it crashes all the time? Seems strange to mee. (Itīs more or less no name ram, the chips are from "Axega"..I Bough these on E-bay. )

Well now Iīll have to buy new ram. Which one would you suggest me to buy? Which brand?
Iīd like to have 8gigs (2x4, so I can upgrade to 16gb in future :-D ).
But it shouldnīt be for gaming, it has to be fail-safe :-D
Core i5 750, Asrock p55M pro, ati radeon 4680, 2x2GB ddr3 1333, Windows 7 home premium 64bit

Sorry for my english, Iīm from Germany
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