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Default Re: nvidia and the wayland display server

Well, according to this the only two things a Linux graphics driver needs to support for Wayland are:
  • A way to set the graphics mode (like kms, but it could also be a standalone library)
  • A way to share video memory buffers (for example an EGLImage) between processes

I don't understand much about this topic, but it doesn't sound that hard for me. Especially because it doesn't need to be KMS but just something like KMS. And the second part sounds like a good idea anyway. Doesn't Microsoft want such a (or a similar) feature from graphics drivers in order to improve their 3D rendered desktop? Anyway, it isn't stated that a particular API should be supported but just somehow these two features. I guess the glue code (the in this case Nvidia specific bindings) would be done by Wayland or Canonical.
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