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Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
The mod pmed me back and said she was sorry for her tone and that it wasnt me it was someone else posting pirated software. It was actually the guy I sent it to posting a link to download it from his ftp site. They dont want anyone downloading it unless its straight from Garmin I guess.
Just odd that they have a rooting forum on their site and that's ok but don't dare share an update from an official Garmin link on their site for your Garminfone.

She then pmed me and said it was illegal to host copyrighted Garmin software on another site. Could be, I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. Glad I got the file when I did though.
Well, Garmin put the file up temporarily. You didn't illegally obtain the file. If they made it available to everyone, then I don't see the problem in you distributing it through free sites.

If they issue a cease and desist, though, you should probably stop.
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