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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by pootle View Post
[...]Why should you assume that a laptop will support linux when there is no support stated on the product page? I'll bet it doesn't support CP/M, OSX, Windows 98 or VMS either.
The very same NVIDIA-card will work well with Linux if the Laptop does not support Optimus. If you examine the technical specification of a desired Laptop, up to now, it was sufficient to check if the chips are supported by the manufacture (or by the Linux community). Now the things are different, you would find that NVIDIA officially offers Linux-driver for the GPU, however in the small print you can NOW find that the GPUs are only supported if the Laptops has no optimus feature.

This is not funny. And if you read for the first time that a notebook has a special energy-saving feature which only works with WIN7, you do not think that this will make it impossible to use the GPU with Linux.
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