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Originally posted by Malfunction
So you have a choice then, to use older versions of the driver or new versions that resolve a majority of the current issues with newer games.

Like I said, they are always justified because they make improvements somewhere and are always being developed to improve imperfections from the previous versions. If the harware is faulty, the hardware is faulty. I mean, I am not too sure people are still anticipating huge improvements to the FX5800, do you?

Again, software is a different story, it puts doubt in peoples minds. Just look at the Windows XP patches and what the public feels about there being so many.

3DMark is not a game, so this has nothing to do with improving the performance of a game with game patches.


You just entirely dodged what I said. You said hardware updates always make the product better. I gave an example of where that is not true.

I don't understand why you are trying to bring drivers into this As drivers have nothing to do with the performance hits I'm talking about. The GeForce3 has lower hit AF than the GeForce4. From the first driver to the latest driver. The IQ is the same between the two cards.

NV30 has documented bugs over previous cards too. Which have been worked around via software. Sometimes software can coverup hardware flaws, and sometimes they can't. In the case of the GeForce4 and AF, software can't.

As for your gfFX5800 comment, with all the comments about shaders and they mythical DX9.1, I would think people are still expecting speedups for that card. Considering that drivers released after the launch of the gfFX5900 continually helped the gfFX5800, and that the shader compiler of "Det50" has helped the gfFX5800, it is fair to say that future software may very well continue to help the gfFX5800.
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