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Originally posted by Malfunction
I responded to it in my last post when I said, "If the hardware is faulty, the hardware is faulty." How soon was it discovered that the AF took more of a hit than the GeForce 3? Did people still buy the GeForce 4, yes.

Why? In knowing that the AF takes more of a performance hit, why subject yourself to a GeForce 4 series piece of hardware? Because it was faster than the Radeon 8500, that's your answer. I am sure that they didn't mean to fall so short in the AF algorythms, well some of the Nvidia employees didn't. I make that statement given the current points of veiw of Nvidia's hardware releases this year.
Well, the AF performance seems to be tied to multitexturing, not the AF algorithm itself.

Quite frankly, NVIDIA was asked about AF performance and they acknowledged there was a bug, but they promised increased performance in a later driver release. They did fix AF performance under OpenGL, and even GeForce3 owners got a speedup. But they never did fix the problem under Direct3D.

So for those who bought a GeForce4 and knew about the problem, they were expecting NVIDIA to fix it. Either through their own hope that NVIDIA driver programmers are Godly, or because they read NVIDIA's response.

There were still other advantages to owning a GeForce4, I am just stating that your asserting that hardware always improves is misleading and false. Overall hardware should get better over time, but you certainly can't say every aspect is better.

I hope I answered your question, if I haven't... I am not really sure the answer you are looking for then. If I didn't, I don't think you are gonna get the answer your looking for... but I will try to clear things up.


Well, my main question is "why did you bring software into our discussion?" Because I did not mention software, and it was not relevant to the problem at hand. Just a matter of interest as to why you did it, is all.

Basically I am saying you absolutely cannot say that next generation hardware is always better. What you can safely say is that next generation hardware is usually better overall than the generation that preceded it. And even that may be too much of a generalization! Some people feel that the move from SSAA to MSAA was too much of a step backward from an IQ perspective. And some people feel that the added performance was worth the switch.
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