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Originally posted by Malfunction
Would just reinforce the demise of the benchmark. Patch after patch after pact... I love it. Pretty soon, people are just going to get tired of patching 3DMark and it just floats away into software oblivion.

Hardware updates are always going to be justified. They make a product better. Software is a different story, it puts doubt in peoples minds. Just look at the Windows XP patches and what the public feels about there being so many.


Did the GeForce 4 prove to be better than the GeForce 3? Answer is yes. Was it perfect? Answer is no, is any hardware perfect? Did I say hardware is always perfect, no.

Your fishing for something here Stealth, but I think your gonna find yourself coming up short. In no way had I ever said that hardware is perfect. I did however say that hardware updates are always going to be justified, where as software updates... are always brought into question. That is what I said. You want verbatim... see the quote above.


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